Monday, March 11, 2013

No More

No More Super Producers !

Early on in the 2000's, the music business, primarily the communities of hiphop and also rnb, saw the beginning of what we call the "super music producers", accounting for frontrunners: Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and also The Neptunes.

What is a "super producer"? So, the proper description of their difference with a "simple" producer could possibly take on the demonstration of what we call a "supermodel" in fashion, that include Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell. You know those legendary models as well as everyone else and you can see all of them on many the catwalks. In short: safe values.

This became the same in the music sector: there were "big" producers, risk free, that directed completely the projects and were desired by the most famous singers or rappers. It has been really more secured for record company to use a highly rated music producer other than a newbie. The known producer offered a copious of powerful singles, in theory. Simply because at the time generally big producers sold discs.

But, the music industry, after the start of the decade totally changed. Firstly, most people don't really shop for disc any more.

For that reason the record companies offer a smaller amount budget for a project. And undeniably, record companies are not ready to give between $ 100 000 to $ 300 000 for just one single beat, as was the condition during the period of the golden years of music producers. The cd not sell and online world grows. To surmount not approved downloading of their artists, record companies create or connect with statutory download tools and hope to force their presence in this online scene, which has been escaping their control for a long time.

But the improvement of the web has has permitted the visibility of lots of not known producers as good as, if not superior to, "Super Producers".

These producers have paying attention to the progress of the Internet, that has enabled them to sell their beats online. Permitting them to communicate and also work with performers on any nearby scale as well as a world wide one. A producer from Australia will be able to sell beats to some-one in Japan. It truly is now simple for them to get a powerful reputation with a career. For the artists, this makes a large difference! They are able to buy beats online in their own home for their album, EP or even mixtape for good prices; away from those practiced by the "super producers".

Record companies pay a special interest on this new market. They buy beats online too. And of late we can see that some internet based producers are getting hired by majors.

The golden epoch of super producers like the years of super mannequin fades away bit by bit, delivering option to this new business directed by producers who, often, have nothing to envy to the "super producers". 

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