Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trends Towards Cloud and Mobile

Trends For Business Intelligence Leaning Towards Cloud And Mobile

The Business Intelligence sector has been getting a lot of attention in recent times. With SAP leading the way amongst giants like Oracle, SAS and IBM, when it comes to the BI mobile market, the BI sector has seen some really interesting developments of late. If anyone has considered quitting their OBIEE training classes and moving on to the more recent S AP BI offerings, you better hold your horses. Based on the numbers so far, Oracle is focusing on a strong campaign with their software for business intelligence.

Business Intelligence in a Cloud

With Cloud technology being the speculative future of IT infrastructure, Oracle has an edge due to it's advancement in that arena. Recently, Oracle launched a new data center in Australia to cater to its Australian clients. A study shows that more and more Australian companies are opting to move their data into the Cloud rather than rely on the good ole on-site servers. This move is aimed at reducing the burden placed on the in-house IT resources.

Analytics Set to Boom

Really, metrics are an over-lapping solution with BI. Analytical reporting is the concrete foundation of BI. It has yet to become very popular, probably because companies are slow to trust their most important decisions solely on that. But slowly, businesses are realizing the impact analytics can have on business decisions. This is the reason why experts believe that analytics is set to receive a major boost in 2013 with more companies expected to start using analytics more aggressively.

Mobile BI

Mobile devices are taking the market by storm, with the iPad being the Tsunami wave. So, it is no surprise that Mobile BI has been getting a lot of attention going along with that. Oracle has fallen behind SAP in this industry. SAP continues to innovate and deliver superior software for mobile. However, Oracle and other major players are competing with SAP as Mobile BI will be extensively adopted and implemented in 2013.

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