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Music Production

Music Production : What Did Happen The Last Ten Years ?
At the start of the 2000's, the music industry, principally the communities of hiphop and rnb, noticed the growth of what we call the "super music producers", accounting for chiefs: Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins or The Neptunes.
What is considered a "super producer"? Well, the most suitable answer of their difference with a "simple" producer would definitely take on the example of what we call a "supermodel" in fashion, such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer or even Naomi Campbell. You know those widely known fashion models as well as everyone else and you can see them on all of the catwalks. In simple terms: safe values.
This became the very same thing in the music industry : there had been "big" producers, risk free, that directed all of the the projects and also were asked by the most popular singers and also rappers. That was usually more secure for records companies to capitalize on a well-known music producers rather than a newcomer. The notorious one furnished a countless of successful singles, in principle. Just because at that time in most cases big music producers sold discs.
However, the music industry, after the starting of the decade has changed. First, consumers don't pay for disc anymore.
As a result the record companies invest very little money for a project. And naturally, record labels are not looking to give between $ 100 000 to $ 300 000 for just one single beat, as was the condition during the period of the golden era of music producers. The discs do not sell and the web develops. To do something about illegal downloading of their artists, record companies create or merge with statutory download technology and want to push their presence in this cyberspace world, that has been running from their control for way too long.
But the popularity of the internet has permitted the visibility of lots of anonymous producers as good as, if not superior to, "Super Producers".
All these producers have focused on the growth of the Internet, that has enabled them to sell their beats online. Permitting them to connect and also work with singers or rappers on any nearby area as well as a world wide one. A producer from Atlanta would be able to advertise beats to someone in France. It gets now more simple for them to gain a very good reputation to get a career. For the artists, this makes a great difference! They can buy beats online in their house for their album, EP or mixtapes for affordable prices ; far from those applied by the "super producers".
Record labels pay a special attention on this new sector. They buy beats online as well. And currently we can notice that a few internet producers are obtaining signature by big labels such as Rocnation.
The great age of super producers just like the years of super models disappears slowly and gradually, allowing way to this modern sector driven by producers who, usually, have practically nothing to envy to the "super producers".
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